Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

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5300E, 5500M

This measurements shown the image on the monitor, can record the sample image and measurewidth, range, height and angle of sample.


Version Description
Hitachi5300E – High vacuum SPM which provides various measurement conditions, such as air, liquid, vacuum, humidity and temperature control.

– Vacuum chamber enables clear and high resolution observations of electromagnetic properties and in-situ observations at high and low temperatures

– Scan range 100µm × 100µm × 15µm
– Temperature Control -120°C to 300°C  R.T. to 800°C  In liquid:  from R.T. to 60°C
– in air in a liquid in a vacuum temperature control humidity control support

Hitachi5500M – Innovative design for research applications

– Correlative AFM and SEM imaging

– Wide-open tip and sample access

– Fully addressable 4-inch stage eliminating the need for sample remount/rotation

– Point-and-click function enabling easy and quick camera-based sample navigation

– Easier, faster, and more precise AFM imaging

– Automated cantilever exchange

– Automated laser alignment

– Automated image optimization (RealTune® II)

– Automated AFM measurements following a recipe