Nano Search Microscope

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Nano Search Microscope which is combined a laser scanning microscope (LSM) and scanning probe microscope (SPM) in the same instrument to allow observation and measurement over a wide range of magnifications (from around 50x up to 1,000,000x)


laser scanning microscope (LSM mode) Magnification 108x – 17,280x
Observe mode Laser light with a short wavelength of 405 nm Light Source: White LED, (400 to 800 nm wavelength) enables observation Detector: 1/1.8-Inch 2-Megapixel Single-Panel CCD makes possible high-resolution scanning of 4096 x 4096 pixels  short-wavelength semiconductor laser light and confocal optical system to detect in-focus images, while eliminating out-offocus images. Combined with a high-precision liner scale
Objective Lens BF Plan Semi-apochromat 5x, LEXT-Dedicated Plan Apochromat 20x, 50x, 100x
SPM Section Measurement mode Contact mode, Dynamic mode, Phase mode, Current mode, Surface Potential (KFM) mode, Magnetic Force (MFM) mode
Light source 405 nm Semiconductor Laser
Detector Photodetector
Type of sample Solid, powder, polymer, thin film, bio film, magnetic surface film layer, nano particle, Investigations of Surface Defects , roughness sample