Optical Microscope Eclipse LV-N, LV100DA-U

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Eclipse LV-N, LV100DA-U

The optical microscope, often referred to as light microscope, is a type of microscope which uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small samples.  An easy operation microscope combining with digital camera.


Magnification 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x and 1,000x.
Electron Optics: Emitter it is compatible with bright field, dark field, fluorescence, differential interference, polarization, and phase contrast
Detectors - A wide variety of tools
- Large image Combine the images from multiple fields of view during shooting to create an image with wide field of view. Images already acquired can also be stitched together.
- Measurement function it enables the conducting of simple measurements on images, with input of lines and comments
Type of sample Solid, powder, , polymer, Fiber , liquid, Suspended, metal, biological sample