Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)


JEM 2100Plus

The Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is routinely used for characterizing microstructure at interfaces in ceramics, morphology and distribution of nanosize particles, lattice imaging and chemical microanalysis.

Observe  objects to the order of a few angstrom . you can study small details in the crystal cell or different materials down to near atomic levels, crystal planes and miller indices, crystallography and diffraction, TEM fingerprint pattern,


Magnification 50x-1,500,000x
Electron Optics: Emitter The thermionic emission of Lanthanum hexaboride type (LaB6), which operates in the 80 to 200 KeV. Provides solutions to a wide range of applications from materials science to medical/biological studies.
Detectors Dark field and Bright field, Energy Dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDX), Diffraction pattern, measurement particle size
Type of sample Solid, powder, polymer, thin film